The Compassion Heals Podcast is hosted by Lee Tomlinson, affectionately known as “Patient Lee,” the Founder of the Compassion Heals Movement.  A Movement dedicated to helping reverse the crisis caused by the rapidly disappearing presence of the immense, scientifically proven healing power of compassion in healthcare and the world.

On each episode, “Patient Lee” and his guests will talk about the amazing healing benefits of compassion for those who receive it, those who provide it, and the bottom-line if those interactions take place in a business setting.  Plus, the immense harm and sometimes fatal impact when it is missing.

“Patient Lee” will also chat with people who have experienced extraordinary kind acts and its impact on them and their lives.  He’ll share stories with individuals who have been given gifts of kindness and compassion and how they affected them.  Episodes will also feature interviews with healthcare professionals to reveal the immense challenge of needing to be compassionate 24/7 with their patients, the impact of personal burnout on their ability to do so, and what it is like to experience the miraculous healing powers of compassion on both patients and themselves.

Compassion Heals Movement VIDEO PODCAST with Lee Tomlinson
The Compassion Heals Movement PODCAST with Lee Tomlinson


Tune in to the Compassion Heals Podcast airing on XOTV platform to learn more about the proven healing powers of compassion.  XOTV is a privacy-focused digital platform that puts creators first and brings communities together.

For more information on the Compassion Heals Podcast hosted by “Patient Lee” or to be a guest, please contact us at leetomlinson@xotv.me.